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*clap* *bow* I'm finished
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano's all the way
Favourite cartoon character: the pinky and the brain.. i love them both
Personal Quote: "If life gives you lemons, stick them down your shirt to make your boobs look bigger"
  • Mood: Spring Fever
  • Listening to: Legally Blonde the Musical soundtrack
  • Eating: Chinese food (yum)
  • Drinking: tea
Q: What is your cosplay alias?
A: Missy2Laina

Q: How many years have you cosplayed?
A: 5 years...holy crap

Q: How did you get into cosplaying?
A: My friend :iconrocknkitty: and Naruto

Q: What was your first convention and how did it go?
A: Anima North (Toronto) It was amazing- except for the part where I almost got hit by a car :P

Q: How many cons have you been to?
A: So many.

Q: How many cosplays have you done?
A: 13

///Your Cosplays///

Q: What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?
A: Orochimaru from Naruto--oh God, that costume...
It was a last minute cosplay that was made out of bed sheets and tights

Q: What is your favourite cosplay you've done so far?
A: I'm going to say poison ivy (Batman); I absolutely love her character design and her personality. Also, I'm prod of the fact that i hand glued all the leaves on the costume.

Q: What is your least favourite you've cosplayed?
A: Orochimaru (Naruto); it was a rushed cosplay, and I just didn't feel comfortable cosplaying him.

Q: What cosplay is the most uncomfortable?
A: Ahiru (Princess Tutu)- Although I loved this costume, walking around NYCC with a pancake tutu is not ideal. Plus, one of the straps holding my top up decided to snap halfway through the con so I had to constantly make sure my boobs weren't exposed. It is also the first cosplay which I have had to actually hot glue while I was wearing it, and as a result left me with burns T.T  


Q: How do you research the cosplay before you make it?
A: Google, and other cosplayers who have done the cosplay before myself.

Q: Do you sew your cosplays yourself?
A: Yup ^.^

Q: If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?
A: My nana taught me when I was around 9

Q: Do you make your own props?
A: Sometimes, but I generally try not to have props as they can be a hassle to carry around all day.

Q: If so, how did you learn to? If not, do you plan to learn?
A: I do whatever comes to my mind/ look up tutorials of DA :P

Q: Do you style your own wigs?
A: Yes, and it is a long and painful process.

Q: What other skills do you use to create your cosplays?
A: Imagination

Q: What skill has been most useful for making your cosplay?
A: My ability to use alter a pattern

Q: What is the hardest thing when making a cosplay?
A: hemming- I find it tedious and boring DX

Q: What was the biggest screw up you've had making a cosplay?
A: Waiting until the day of to make it...

Q: How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay?
A: Not very often, unless a glue gun is involved, or I an working with white fabric; then every pin decided to play the 'let's see if we can make laina bleed on the cosplay' game


Q: Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials?
A: I try to stay cheap.


Q: Have you ever cosplayed with a partner or group?
A: Yup!

Q: Do you try to act in character?
A: Sometimes, mainly for photos.

Q: Have you ever done fan service at a con? (yaoi, yuri, etc)
A: yes...ah Mat and Mello (death note) those were good times :P

Q: How do you react to cosplayers dressed as character from the same anime/game/etc?
A:  I try to see what they did differently with their costume//feel a little intimidated that their cosplay/wig is better than mine.

Q: Do you try to duplicate your character's expressions, walk, movements, etc?
A: When playing with friends//with photos/videos

Q: When crossplaying, do you try to act as much like the gender as possible?
A: Yes....but I generally fail.

Q: What was your funniest experience of acting in character?
A: Light and L (death Note) getting lost in Disney world, and having one of the tour guides say 'aren't you supposed to be geniuses?'

Q: What was your worst experience acting in character?
A: *shrugs* I dunno


Q: Do you compete in cosplay contests?
A: No.

Q: Have you won anything?
A: No.

Q: Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?
A: I haven't done anything, but I think I would prefer skits


Q: How many friends have you made because of cosplay?
A:  A fair amount

Q: Do you attend photo shoots and meet-ups outside of conventions?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the funniest reaction you've gotten cosplaying from people?
A: A tour bus stopping to take photos of my friends' and I princess tutu cosplays while in NYC


Q: How long do you think you'll be cosplaying for?
A: For another few years I think

Q: Name a few cosplays you're planning to do next:
A: Evil queen (OUAT), James Potter (Marauders), Female Castiel (Supernatural), Black Canary (DC), you get the picture....

Q: What is your dream cosplay?
A: Mystique (X-Men)


Q: What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay?
A: Personality, budget, costume, hair

Q: Is cosplay serious business for you?
A: It used to be, but now it's not as big of a deal.

Q: What is your favourite thing about cosplay?
A: Everything.

Q: What is your least favourite?
A: People thinking this is only for children -.-".

Q: Tag some fellow cosplayers~

cheers <3

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